Uncovering Layers in International Relations

The Politics & International Relations Society met yesterday to discuss the normalising of relations between Israel and Sudan.

I used this news clip to introduce the news story to the group and had already shared with them a link to a BBC article and a news article from CNN:

israel sudan
Download DOCX • 371KB

25 pupils aged between 12 and 17 used a Project Zero (Harvard University) Thinking Routine to identify the Main, Side and Hidden stories. I have used and written about this routine in this blog post.

They identified layers of meaning, consequences and were able to cast predictions based on prior knowledge using this strategy.

This what they identified within 45 minutes:

You can download this as a pdf below:

Download PDF • 23KB

The application of scaffolding thinking in this way has been transformative for my pupils who are now keen to move quickly from what a news story 'looks' like on the surface to what it might actually be about.

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