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Here you will find a series of original videos, learning materials, quizzes and lesson plans. Take a look at the sample lesson below to get a sense of the type and quality of the resources that will be available soon.


The duration of each lesson in this series is 60 minutes. This will depend on a number of factors not limited to the processing speed, reading ability of your pupils and the duration of a school lesson. There are a range of individual, group, pupil-led tasks and options for homework and revision tasks. 

The first lesson is free for all to use. Download by clicking on the images below.

Lesson 1: The challenges facing Germany at the end of the First World War.


Lesson Plan Challenges facing Germany at



Video Notes:

Lesson 1 Video Notes.png

Card Sorting Task:

Lesson 1 Political Challenges Sorting Ta

Cloze Reading Task & Answers:

Lesson 1 Cloze Reading Task and Answers_

Extended Writing Task:

Lesson 1 Extension task.png

Extended Writing Task Feedback Sheet:

Lesson 1 Feedback.png
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